Jewellery Care

All products at Spruce The Label have been carefully chosen and tested by our very own team members to ensure quality. However, that does not prevent all sorts of jewellery to still experience wear and tear (especially if you love them and wear them often!).


For this reason, we have gathered a few tips to care for your pieces, extend their life and prevent early tarnishing:


  • Store your jewellery in our Spruce pouches when not in use
  • Remove jewellery when exposed to moisture (e.g. when showering, swimming, exercising, washing etc.)
  • Wipe with gentle cloth and motion if dirty (don't scrub hard and don't leave on soap or water)
  • Keep away from perfume, cosmetics and corrosive chemicals (e.g. detergents)
  • Apply a layer of polymer coating/clear varnish on the inside of your rings for additional protection. The nail varnish is also beneficial should you experience an allergic reaction, the polish will act as a barrier between your skin and the jewellery ^.^


Jewellery in general are precious and delicate items. They should always be handled with care. Do not force, bend or twist any parts too hard. All pieces should be managed gently and with care.