About Us

Melissa (right) and Jamilah (left) are two young, entrepreneurial, ambitious women that have a passion for jewellery and accessories. They both always aspired towards building something of their own so after a session of brainstorming jewellery business ideas, It didn't take long until the only thing left to say was 'let's do this!'.

With the belief that jewellery is an element of personal style and a way of expressing yourself, they were determined to start a brand and share this creative way of expression.

 When you think about Spruce we want you to think about the intersection between jewellery and art. Where self expression meets creativity. Thats where we place ourselves, in the middle of that intersection. 

Born in 2020, Spruce plans to have a distinctive brand representation of having both clean silhouettes and undertone hues; catered to the modern liberal, young women.

Although there are plenty of progressive brands in the industry, there is still a large majority which have lots to learn and improve. Which is why these young women are determined to lead by example and do business differently, whilst delivering beautiful products with a purpose.

"Jewellery and Accessories adds life to every outfit, no matter if its dainty and simple, or loud and eye catching - what’s most important is the difference it adds to a look".

- Melissa & Jamilah