Sharing the origin of jewellery!

Sharing the origin of jewellery!

Did you know, during early modernisation, jewellery was worn as a way of symbolising people’s status and wealth? Social ranking and hierarchy could be defined by the jewels and precious gems in a necklace as well as the brooches attached to garments. The more extravagant and lavish jewels were used to differentiate ranking and allow the royal to stand out from the masses. Precious metals such as gold and silver were worn by noble member of society whereas, those of a lower rank usually wore base metals such as cooper.

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The symbolisation of wealth through jewellery still exists today, however the stigmas of wearing base metal jewellery has changed. Costume jewellery, predominately made from copper and zinc has become a staple to the mass. Affordable costume jewellery, also known as fashion jewellery, is accessible, appealing, and perfect if you’re interested in having a selection of different pieces. This allows you to mix and match with your rapidly changing style and taste. Also, this type of jewellery is great for gift giving, especially if bought from Spruce! Each piece of jewellery is sold with a beautiful suede pink keep pouch. It doesn’t matter if bought from our sterling silver range or fashion jewellery collection, we have you covered!


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A common misconception about base metal fashion jewellery is the fear towards tarnishing and at Spruce, we’ve been busy discussing the secret towards making your fashion jewellery last longer. We’ve figured that the key ingredient to maintaining your fashion jewellery is the after care. You can read all about it in our blog post next week! 


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