Recycled Silver Collection - #BehindTheScenes

Recycled Silver Collection - #BehindTheScenes

We’ve been silent for a while, and for all the right reasons! 

As small business owners, everything we do is pretty hands on, and the reason we’ve been less active on social media is because we’ve been focusing on developing our very first, in-house collection. 

What does this mean?

It means we’ve gone out and gathered what inspires us most, put it together and translated it into beautiful jewelery designs. We’ve gone out to find a reliable, ethical and trustworthy partner for our recycle precious metal and manufacturing. Thankfully, we found a wonderful partner based in Bali (and of course, simply HAD to go visit them too).

After months of brainstorming, designing, collaborating, we’re well on our way of getting our collection ready before the end of the year (this is a truly exciting moment for us!).

As Spruce The Label advocates for better and more sustainable business practices in the fashion industry, we are all about transparency.

We wanted to share with you a few #BehindTheScenes of our inspiration process, partner collaboration, and manufacturing steps  for this first collection. 

Collection inspiration and design phase

Our manufacturing partner in Bali


This process was truly pushed us to learn a lot along the way, for which we pour a lot of our thoughts, efforts and heart into. We hope it is something that will be seen through the collection itself.

Stay tuned for our new pieces which will come out before the end of the year!

Melissa & Jamilah

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